Assemblage Art

I build and believe in the life created within these three-dimensional artistic compositions with the intention of creating an identity, which I trace back to my own life. Some assemblage boxes have a dreamy and gentle character while others reflect a diabolical & fearsome darkness. To depart from the painterly plane and into the inclusion of real objects is an attempt to allow the material to capture the viewer and place them in real life within the artistic expression.


Miniature Furniture


I have been making miniature furniture for the past 8 years. I learned the art by working in a shop that repaired antiques. The scale and intricacy of each piece of furniture can be a challenge but it is one that I love.



My​ goal in creating this work is to move the viewer toward the possibility of other worldly spectrums. The use of wood shapes denoting durability, strength and presence place the work in the here and now ever so solidly. It is in bringing the three -dimensionally of the wood shapes to attention that in truth creates a point of departure.  Contrary to this hyper-realization of place and movement, attention is then placed on painting out or over the work in its entirety creating a disruption in the flow of natural consciousness. This manifests as the viewer envisions the veiled and unveiled. The behavior of being absorbed in that flux produces a rehearsal for the viewer to experience their own universe in a disassociated manner, be it atomic tininess or the ends of galactic greatness.